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Create a fearless environment

Reasons for sedation:

Don't let the fear of pain stop you from getting quality dental care. Conscious sedation is available. Children and adults alike suffer from fear and anxiety about going to see the dentist and now there is a safe way to squash that fear.

- High fear of dental treatment

- Past traumatic dental experiences

- Extremely sensitive teeth

- Gag reflex

- Lower pain tolerance

Simple, in-house procedure

Sedation dentistry is not only a simple part of your dental procedures, it is also extremely safe.


In most cases, you will also receive a topical or local anesthetic to help make your entire procedure completely pain free. Call today for information.

You're in the driver's seat

Through effective communication, our team strives to cover your needs every time you visit our office. Get quality care and learn about sedation options to help you overcome your fears.

Let us help

you relax


Our relaxing atmosphere will provide you with a non-threatening visit to our facility.

Don't let fear make it impossible for you to visit the dentist. Let our team help you.

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