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General Dentistry

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Helping you maintain oral wellness

Reasons for consideration

Our dental care professionals will do all we can to prevent you from needing an extraction or root canal, but we'll also work to make sure your mouth is as

pain-free as possible.

- Crowded mouth

- Severe infection

- Risk of spreading infection

- Gum disease

- Pain

Take advantage of a dental assessment

Teeth that are damaged beyond repair can cause extensive disease throughout your entire mouth if not properly taken care of.


Trust in our team for a full dental assessment and keep your mouth and remaining teeth healthy. Call today for treatment options.

Immediate treatment

If you are suffering from extreme decay, our team can help. Painful teeth and abscesses should be treated immediately with emergency care services.

Save your

natural teeth


A badly damaged or decayed tooth is dangerous, not to mention very painful; it can even weaken the immune system.

Simple treatments can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges.

ornament dental checkup video coming soon