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General Dentistry

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Your smile can be as natural as possible

Reasons for change:

For some, tooth damage and decay makes smiling difficult. Our team can help you create a smile through the use of dentures and crowns that will leave you smiling all day long.

- Broken or fractured teeth

- Cosmetic enhancement

- Decayed teeth

- Missing teeth

- Tooth extractions

Check out all your options for healthy teeth

These two different cosmetic components are highly reliable and affordable solutions to tooth damage.


You can rely on the team at Tiger Dental to give you your best dental care options no matter what condition your teeth are currently in.

Partials and full plate

Crowns are efficient for covering individually damaged teeth while dentures can create a new smile altogether. Partial or full plate dentures are available.


emergency care


Dental care that takes every measure to find the most comprehensive solutions at budget-friendly prices.


Call today and get started on a plan of services to enhance your smile.

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